In 7th grade English we were required to memorize and recite a poem per week. I chose Jabberwocky because it allowed me to be creative and bigger than life expressive, still my favorite.
100 years of Solitude.
After trying to read it for years and failing, I read it and loved it at last. Time and life experience conquers all.
Catcher in the Rye
I love Holden, always have. Three reasons: handsome, funny, and deeply troubled. Perfect trio!
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
After watching... and rewatching... and rewatching... and fan theory searching... the BBC TV show, I found that I absolutely must read the original stories. Here's to more Holmes and Watson!
Jimmy Carter Says Yes
This song came out of MSR records where you could pay to have your poem/ramblings set to music and recorded. This one, set to a disco beat, is my favorite. "Can our government be decent and open?" - Jimmy Carter says yes!
Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
An amazing book with both the main character who's a writer, and his translator who wants to be a writer.
Charlotte's Web
In fact did not make me who I am today, but it expresses better than any other book the reality of who I am, so I did not realize it at the time.
I don't know how this masterpiece of satire and politics, journalism, herd instincts, disinformation, and British class consciousness escapes constant mention in today's world. It is one of the few books that makes me laugh out loud while reading it. Briefly, though a social mix-up, the country life columnist of the Daily Beast gets sent to Ishmalia to cover a breaking story of war. In his generous ineptitude and passivity, he stumbles into the real story. Cable news frenzy, oligarchic liars, orange-faced putincrats, it's all here.