Before the Comet Comes
donDon MacKinnon
Most soulful chord progression ever? Thanks to @Jaime Wolf, and along with @Christopher Schelling and @Pamela Talese, I saw Robin Holcomb perform solo last night at (an amazing new venue) Roulette. As I've written elsewhere on the Milq, this artist is very personally important to me. I discovered her at the very beginning of Hear Music (via @David Bither) and have always come back to her. She's not for everyone, in a good way. I haven't kept up with all her recordings - which haven't been copious. Last night she played some of my favorites, but also covers of multiple Mississippi Sheiks songs (including the indelibly titled "I've Got Blood In My Eyes for You") and multiple Stephen Foster songs - all completely transformed by her. But mid concert, i had one of those amazing moments when she played a long piece I wasn't familiar with, and in the middle of it, suddenly just started playing these chords over and over, slight variations on each one. I'm starting and stopping this video so you can hear them - full knowing that I'm doing violence to the full 13 minute work - but also hoping that it will make you want to hear the hold thirteen minute work. I kept feeling last night that this woman has an infinity of gorgeous chords in her (there were many moments where she's almost got that Randy Newman Sail Away thing going), but she just teases us with them, brandishing them here and then scattering notes and textures around them. Anyway, it was all wonderful, gorgeous, and just endlessly inventive.