Children of Men
And If we couldn't procreate ? I don't see better movie of that gender since blade runner. It is also very credible the way is treated the total failure of the concept of humanism when humanity has no future.
Perfect choice for the regressive dystopian future category. I also saw a couple of people here and elsewhere highlight the work of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and how he captured things. I think of Blade Runner (also dystopian) more as a filmic essay on how meanings and values are ascribed within the context of human vs automaton/off world replicant -- with the idea of obtrusive law enforcement, uber-surveillance and 'difference.' Agree, though, that both films are essentially, in the end, hitting on some of the same ideas.
word up !
I love your choice and comments @lepierrelalu and @ericka.elaine! Both favourite films.
I bow to @Eri long and documented argumentation, but thanks @Jordan Jacobs !
Thanks, folks... Here's a closer look at the work of DP Emmanuel Lubezki, who also did some work for the great Terrence Malick. ...He also has a really cool Instagram (Chivexp) where he posts his stunning photography::
@Eri how about a Great Cinematography bead?
@Jordan Jacobs Actually, funny you would mention that because I had the same idea. I saw a couple of cinematography-related beads (Long Takes and another one) so need to figure out what to do.
@ericka.elaine you should definitely start that it...great cinematography is much better as a video playlist than a board of static images!
OK @Jordan Jacobs I took the challenge. (Haha). Just set up the bead. It's called 'Sublime Cinematography,' and the first post is about a French Canadian DP named Jean-Claude Labrecque.
Cool. Published! Looking forward to watching more of your cinematographic picks!
Thx for the support - (Bartles & Jaymes parody)