THX 1138, 1971
"The Future is Here". Forgive me for going off the top of my head here (as I haven't seen THX 1138 in almost 10 years), but the cold hermetically sealed world George Lucas presented in THX 1138 (1971) captured the worst of all possible regressive dystopian futures in the sense that the characters' every move is being watched and documented. The characters are treated like numbers, they are subjected to experiments, and they function within a warped reality where heavy surveillance is just a part of the quotidian experience -- a logical extension of Orwellian concepts and an important consideration of privacy as a concept. I think people get it wrong about the work of George Lucas. I view Star Wars and that whole franchise as being more allegorical or even more like a Western in outerspace, but not anywhere near as futuristic or thought provoking as THX 1138. And, honestly, it's kind of a toss up between Peter Watkins' Punishment Park and the Lucas version of the future in THX 1138 as far as which movie gets the closest to what America is about to turn into -- or has already begun to transform into. Kind of scary, right?