WTF Podcast Episode 424 - Harris Wittels
Marc Maron's interview with Harris Wittels Ep. 424 WTF Podcast, Sept. 16, 2013. Well, this one hits close to home for a couple of reasons. 1) Harris Wittels was from my hometown, Houston. 2) Wittels lived in a different part of the same predominantly Jewish neighborhood (Braeswood area) that I once lived in. I'm older than Wittels was, though, and our paths never crossed. There are plenty of Texans in show business, but the story of Wittels stands out for me because it is 1) tragic and 2) he became successful in the world of comedy. Knowing that he died in a way related to what he discussed on the show adds another dimension to this interview. It's a poignant reminder that life is fragile and that conquering one's demons is not a simple task. From the WTF website: "Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels is allergic to cats, but he sucked it up and sat in Marc’s garage at the Cat Ranch anyway. Harris tells Marc how he got his start in comedy, what made Sarah Silverman want him to work on her show, and why he got to a point where he could no longer deal with his most infamous creation - the Humblebrag."