Blank City documentary intro (first 5 minutes)
No Wave NY film doc. One of the most interesting (for me) periods of creativity in American history, the nihilism, sick humor, and general degeneracy of the late 70s-mid-80s NYC No Wave movement: this documentary perfectly captures the film end of this brief but explosive post-punk movement in way that pays loving tribute but does not idealize or sentimentalize. The bottom line? lack of money=creativity. Great interviews with the major players: John Lurie, Steve Buscemi, Beth B., Lydia Lunch, Nick Zedd, and many others who were in the right place at the right time.
Wonderful and homesick making.
And look at young Duncan Hannah!
Fascinating, great documentary. I really liked Amos Poe's commentary, which was so colorful and rich. I liked when Jim Jarmusch talked about Rafik's and how he went there on Thanksgiving and was served cranberry sauce by Jack Smith! It's also cool to hear John Lurie talk about the unofficial boundaries of that small world (Bowery, Houston, Ave B) because that was always the part of town I loved most...aside from Harlem. Just hearing that apartments could be rented for $50-100/mo is mind-blowing!
Haha. Yes the young Duncan Hannah... the young everybody... yes, it was really inspiring to see this film but heartbreaking at the same time--this is the spirit that lured me to New York and made me want to bear witness to a similar movement. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of all this in the early 90s, when Lydia Lunch and Nick Zedd and Richard Kern were still part of the scene but you could feel it all being swept under the rug once Guiliani got hold of things. I should have moved to the LES when I was 10 years old dammit...
Richard Kern is still very much alive and kicking and went with Duncan and me to see Io La Conoscevo Bene- a heart-breaker in it's own way.
Wow, that's cool...I haven't heard Kern's name bandied about in years...looks like a good film--I loved Sandrelli in The Conformist